West High School - Davenport, Iowa

Class of 1968

WHS Class of 1968
40th-Year Reunion
August 8 & 9, 2008

Pictures posted!

Hello Classmates!

What a wonderful time we had this past August for our reunion!!  A lot of smiling faces, a lot of jokes, and a lot of memories were shared both Friday and Saturday evenings. 

We welcomed 65-70 classmates and guests Friday evening on one of the patios at The Circle Tap on Friday evening.  (The Circle Tap has two patios, and the other one was being used by WHS Class of ’88, celebrating THEIR reunion!)

We were greeted with banners welcoming our class, appetizers and a well-attended bar.  .  A member from The Night People provided our musical entertainment before having to leave for another gig.  I

It was great seeing so many people!  Thanks go to Jim & Barb Lykam for reserving the space for us, Doug Schricker and Terry Glandon for lining up the guitarist, Dot Behning Sundholm and Donna Morgan for taking care of the name tags, sign in book, and ordering the appetizers, and to Rick Jones for obtaining the banners!

Saturday evening’s festivities were held at Northgate Place:  a beautiful, large, and well-appointed room owned and operated by the Hy-Vee Store.  And talk about a good time!!!  About 80-90 classmates and their guests came that night, including many classmates who were talked into coming while attending Friday night’s festivities! 

Two huge bouquets of flowers were brought in by Jim Reemtsma, and 10 balloon bouquets were placed around the room.  A large “Story Board” was set up by Donna Morgan with pictures and stories from classmates who couldn’t attend.  Steve Toth’s sister, Joye, brought in a large display of Steve’s work which we set up.  The banners from Friday Night were taped to the windows, announcing “OUR” party to the world (or at least the parking lot!!)

The ‘heavy appetizers/cold buffet, appetizer buffet’ turned out to be a great meal!  A buffet of roast beef/ham/turkey, dinner rolls, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, a huge bowl of cut-up fruit and a platter of veggies comprised our dinner, and dessert was a sheet cake, all decked out in Red and White.  I don’t think anyone went away hungry (and if they did, it was their own fault!!) 

Rick and Lynn Jones provided the first ‘ice-breaker’:  A sheet of high school graduation pictures of famous people – we had to figure out who the people were.  LOTS of laughter, “you gotta be kidding me” and groans from everyone who joined in the fun. 

Other ‘ice-breakers’ throughout the evening included “Pair-the-Song-with-the-Artist,” a listing of songs popular in the ’68 era, and unscrambling the top TV shows popular in 1968.  No prizes were given out – we all just enjoyed collaborating and laughing with our table-mates while trying to figure out the answers.

A highlight of our evening was a talk by Marjatta Antola Huhta – our foreign exchange student from Finland.  Marjatta was able to join us both Friday and Saturday nights!  She related her experiences at West, along with how those same experiences helped her throughout her life.  She was presented with a “Hugs” statuette made by local artist Isabel Bloom.

“Captain Kirk” Marske was our DJ that evening.  He provided a good mix of music and took requests.  And there were times the music was ‘drowned out’ by the conversations going on!!

A lot of pictures were taken, a lot of hugs were given and accepted, and a whole lot of conversation was exchanged.  People did not stay at one table for the entire evening – we mixed and mingled and sometimes hung out at the bar.  The evening closed at 11:30, with most of us wishing there was more time to catch up with friends.

My thanks for having a wonderful committee to work with. 
To Rick & Lynn Jones:  thank you for ALL the phone calls you made to find classmates, securing the banners, providing an ice-breaker, and for a lot of behind-the-scenes work;
To Elizabeth Goodman Hallowell – for continuing her search for classmates from her Minnesota residence;
To Jim & Barb Lykam – for lining up The Circe Tap, calling classmates, finding new classmate addresses and working on decorations;
To Mick Orton -- for keeping our website current, sending out the 1st and 2nd emails to classmates about the reunion; posting this re-cap and pictures so we can all share in the fun;
To Debbie Hamilton Smith – for calling and contacting classmates;
To Dot Behning Sundholm – for copying, folding and mailing out the invitations to classmates, ordering the food for both nights, lining up the decorations for Saturday evening, and for being my “left hand” person in Davenport; and
To Donna Morgan – for balancing the monies, making sure our bills were paid, for scanning and emailing me all the reservation ships and classmate information sheets received, for making decisions which needed to be made, for securing our DJ, for working with Dot with everything needed, and for being my “right hand” person in Davenport.

A success?  Yes sir, you betcha, thanks going to ALL who participated. 
2013 here we come!!

Linda Hein Faust, Chairperson

Pictures posted!